Toccata for Pipe Organ

A fun-to-play Toccata in Eb-Major for Pipe Organ.

Play it loud, fast and joyful:
++ on festive occasions
++ bright & shiny
++ easy to learn.

Left and Right hand play the main theme alternately – therefore you get an echoeing effect. The left hand comes first – think of it as a grace note (Appoggiatura). But for easier reading purposes I chose not to write it as grace notes. It is accompanied by a sonorous theme in the Pedals.

Buy it on SheetMusicDirect: https://www.sheetmusicdirect.com/en-US/se/ID_No/1519237/Product.aspx

Composed in MuseScore3, played out in GrandOrgue with Friesach Sample pack by Piotr Grabowski.